Wednesday, March 6, 2013

@Rocksauce was a GREAT trip!

On Friday 2/22,  13 of my students and @techchef4u joined me on a wonderful fieldtrip to @rocksauce studios.

Here are some pictures from our trip.

Our group was amazed by the hospitality of Rocksauce and their team.   They welcome us in and shared all parts of their app dev team.   Our group was thrilled to see the process of making apps and many commented that, "They had no idea how involved app making was!"

Here are some of the students' reflections on our trip.

"The app world is very complicated. The code and development is very complex and, it seems like, endless. The companies who develop apps run on a type of development process that has many "checks and balances." The app development process can take between 4-24 months and is very tedious." 

 "Rocksauce Studios has different types of people working there. They develop a client's app idea. There are different stages to the app making process. They are in charge of fixing bugs within the app. Most of the artists majored in graphics design in college. They work well with one another. They have to finish and release version one of an app before even thinking about version two."  BC

-thought leaders- where on a social media program, others ask the company questions or advice
-you can have any kind of background and still be a part of app development
-there are app maps for each screen and what they lead to 
-after, each layer such as a button (the shape, letters etc) is separated
-one section of the company makes the requirements (what it has to have) another reformats and designs that same information in a different way
-when making apps for ios and android you have to use two separate kinds of development
-you can draw a character and then have someone else program/process it into the app
-rating is like status and is very important
-it can take 3 months to 2 years to make an app meeting to store
-you have to have a basic format for the first version of an app before you add transitions 


So overall, the trip was HUGE success.   We are now hoping to host RockSauce on our campus.   What a wonderful example of community involvement outside our classroom!

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