Thursday, August 15, 2013

Helpful Tool for Twitter Searches

I often hear the question, "How do I search on Twitter if I am new to it?" aka.....I have no idea how this thing works!!

One place you can start is

There you will see a link to operations and this image will appear.

A bit of trial and error will help you navigate to a list of resources for your topic.

Post a comment, if it helps you!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Classroom Update

WOW!    Crazy stuff went you give students a VOICE!!!

Here is our classroom today:

Here is a picture of the kids removing my desk to make room for them!

Stay tuned....Bretford soft seating should arrive any day!!!

SXSWEdu Take Aways

Last week was really incredible for me.  This is true for many reasons.  Subsequently, I am still sorting it out.

Monday morning I completed high-jump practice with four very talentent young women with great enthusiasm for the sport.  Then I heard some heart-breaking news that can only be described as a gut-punch.

Emotionally on edge, I continued on to SXSWEdu that morning and immediately began being bombarded with new ideas and new methods of learning.   I was introduced to GeekDom and Spark Ed.  I hope to visit their space with students sometime soon.

At lunch I had the pleasure of seeing @dlaufenberg, and had the good fortune to go with her to hear the PBL session by Alfred Solis of the Buck Institute.   He shared lessons he completed at San Diego HTH.  WOW!

Some Key Points he made:
1.  Start with a field trip to get students invested.
2.  Give kids Voice and Choice
3.  Do the project yourself FIRST and build the rubric in your head as you do it.
4. After the visit do a Blog-o-Thon (Blog-o-Con not sure which), notice that this gives quite-types a voice.
5. Make your Guiding question UnGoogleable ex.  Does Music Make Waves?

I arrived too late to attend the session on Personalized Learning Systems by Andrew Butler to Duke University and Richard Baraniuk of Rice University, but again I had the good fortune to hear the session entitled "Got Game?  Learning through Play. Seriously."  (links to the Podcast)

Monday late afternoon, I again, was blown away by the session, "Meet the Educational Stars of YouTube." (links to the podcast).   Incredible!  I am sad/embarrassed to say that I didnt even know Smart Girls at the Party existed, I had never spent time on the Vlog Brothers or Crash Course YouTube Channels, and I never dreamed the creator of Ted Ed was a 30 yr old.

This was all in ONE DAY!!!!

Service Learning....its about time

These two weeks we are working on Giving Back.

I feel like our students are so blessed. We have been given iPads, new furniture and most of us have plenty to eat.

Three weeks ago I did some research on Service Learning.   Once again I felt miserably behind the country's educational leaders, as there are so many programs already in place.

Apparently its catching on as I noticed the pins on Service Learning have doubled in the past three weeks.

I'll be sharing our project this week.   They are due on Thursday, May 16.   We have a wide range; from lemonade stands to tree planting to a new You Tube Channel.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Collaboration Across Grade-levels

It all starts with the students.

I showed my classes a 30 sec clip from a video on how to use BookCreator.  I found this clip and a wonderful guide to making iBooks in Lisa Johnson's (@techchef4u) incredible iTunesU course.

I asked my students what we could do with this app.   This was the result.  Thanks to TechChef4U for making the video.

There are so many things to share about this project.  My students wrote children's books about the topic we were studying in class (Washington), they created instructions for the Elementary students to guide them on drawing illustrations and we met in person to record the Elementary students' voices.

Ann Root (5th gr teacher) ,  Katey Crowley (3rd grade teacher)  and Marianna Husain (EdTech) welcomed the idea even before we knew what we were doing.

Its taken me forever to get this post up.  You how the end of school is.  I plan to make an iTunesU course with all of the materials you will need to replicate in your classroom, so stay tuned.

Here are all the finished books.  Thanks to Marianna for making this!