Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Causes of the American Revolution Ilustrated

Since we are trying to convert paper projects to iPad, today we experimented with several apps to illustrate the main causes of the American Revolution.

Among the list are:

Students used my class notes delivered to them via eBackpack, to complete the following three items

1.  Make a visual representation of the British Act.  Can be drawn or illustrated with pictures from the web.
2.  Write two originial sentences describing the act.
3.  Create a scale used to rank the colonial response to the act.  From happy to ready for war.   Make a key to explain your scale.

I suggested that students use some thing like this for their scale

I cannot wait to see what the kids dream up!

BTW, have you checked out the new transitions in the Keynote App......sooo fetch!


Here are some completed projects:

Monday, October 15, 2012

Student Video App Reviews

Here are the final video app reviews.   I love the usefulness of these reviews.  I am using them to teach other students and teachers about the apps we have used.   Students learn so well from their peers and 8th graders understand each other better than they do adults.

Check back soon because tomorrow we are gathering our comic strips on The Enlightenment made on StripDesigner.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Video Student App review of iStudez Pro

Here is a student app review of iStudez Pro.

See how this powerful app can be used to organize all your studies!  One of the best features of this app is that you can subscribe to Google Calendars right from the app.   This app can house all your Google calendars in one place.

Thank you techchef4u for helping make this video!  Also thanks to iPadSammy for encouraging me to make these student app reviews a part of our first year with 1:1 iPads.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Student App Review--Notability

Notability is a useful app. 

The app is very useful in note taking, with a semi-unique layout for tools. 

The app has a decent organization system, with great folders and decent space. The app has a great pen tool with a variety of options. 

The text box tool is a little confusing but only needs some getting used to. The exporting is barely compatible with any other apps, making a huge impact on how I'm using the app. 

I have found better apps, but this app is: So Fetch

Student App Review--MyHomework

App review:

This app is very helpful for the everyday student. It can organize your homework by class, assignment, test, priority, and by date. We find this extremely helpful and we use it every single day. It can also sometimes give you a reminder if you have a test the following week or day. Every day I use this app to remind my self of any assignments I have. I would recommend this app to anyone. - Tatiana and Ana 

IMovie app review

   I really like the app IMovie because it allows me to make videos for projects or for fun with cool effects. iMovie is fun and easy to use if you are looking for a movie/short video making app. One of my favorite things about iMovie is that you can add music into the background of your videos. I like everything about the app and I recommend you get it.

    -CC https://mail-attachment.googleusercontent.com/attachment/u/0/?ui=2&ik=bf6cb56b1f&view=att&th=13a55a9c94e4909c&attid=0.1&disp=inline&safe=1&zw&saduie=AG9B_P9f9kekEthGeuuVrzqhcy3C&sadet=1350057731845&sads=z1ptUyYkqaeUUecqHTVRHgBK5rs

Student App review--iBrainStorm

IBrainstorm is a great app if you like to doodle, but that's about all it does. The background is cardboard so it looks like you are actually drawing with a pencil. The eraser on IBrainstorm is kind of hard to use.  


Hokusai Student App Review

In Hokusai you can make recordings really easily.

Let me tell you about how this app is amazing. It will help you with projects if you need to record anything.

I think it is the best thing to record with because of you can edit it well and it sounds great.

I recommend this app for everyone who has a project or just to explain something.

The Enlightenment using StripDesigner App

We made some really fun comics with this app.

Here are a few of my favorites!

MyHomework Student App Review

The app MyHomework is a great app to use. 

It helps you to know when your classes are in need of your homework with an alert. You just need to put in your classes and then type in the assignment and then there you have it, a way to make it difficult to forget to do your homework.

 It even has different ways to look for which one you need to do, in 3 different ways. You can search it from highest priority to lowest, what class it is from, or what type it is, like a test to study for or homework.  Then, you can stay organized. 
Even if you forget if you did it or not, once you finish your homework, you can mark it complete. We give it a "So fetch!" image.png

-A and S

Student App Review--Socrative

Socrative is an app that lets you and your teacher to have a live quiz, test, or simply a survey. The teacher downloads the program onto their computer and the gives the class a number to enter into the box below.

After that, a question that your teacher has set up will appear on your screen. You proceed by answering the question and the results of the class will appear on the teachers screen in form of a live bar graph. 

That's it! This was an app review by P.

Wolfram Alpha Student App Review

Wolfram alpha
Wolfram alpha is like the dictionary of knowledge. You can ask it anything like the location of the moon at this very moment or pi or even the location of the space station. I personally use it a lot because it is a very useful and easy app to use. All you do is type in your question and SHAZAAM. Really easy and it will help a lot. 

This was an app review by P.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Student App review of Sketchbook Express

Student Video App Review of DocAS

Thank you to techChef4u for helping make these student video app reviews.

Review of Dropbox

     Dropbox is great!!! It is really helpful to store all my notes from different classes. I'm a super organized person and Dropbox helps me stay that way. It's also helps to clear out your PDF writer app of documents. I just started using dropbox and I absolutely love it!!!


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Student App Review of FlashCardlet

Flashcardlet is a great easy-to-use app for studying. 

It's free too! 

In Flashcardlet, you can download flashcards from Quizlet, import from Dropbox, or make your own.

 In this app, you have the ability to 'master' a card. So when you're going through the set, you click the checkmark to show you have mastered it. Then that particular card will not show up in your set until you begin again. 

In Flashcardlet you can also copy or combine sets as well. Flashcardlet is a great studying tool for students in need!

Student App review on Stack the States

The app that I have chosen to write a review on is called Stack the States

This app is a fun and easy way to learn where the states are. The app also teaches you a lot of fun facts about states. You might think Stack the States sounds boring, but it's addicting. 

Before I started playing the game, I knew almost nothing about the United States of America and now I know so much! The objective of the game is to get as many answers correct as possible. 

When you get an answer thats right you 'stack a state'. This means that you put a state on the group and keep putting the states you get correct on top of each other. Once you get the states to the finish line, you have to make sure you got over 60% of the questions correct. If you've gotten over 60% correct, you get a new state. I like everything about this app and I hope you get the chance to try it.


Student Video App Review iStudezPro

Thanks again to TechChef4u for helping us make these video app reviews!

Student App review on DocAS

Here is a student video app review!   Thanks to TechChef4u for helping us make it!

13 Colonies Commercials are coming IN!!

I have had such a great time watching our student projects.   So many new and unique ways to explain the 13 Colonies.

Here are some more favorites!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Review of type on PDF free.

  Type on PDF free is great! I give it five stars!!! I love how you can
write or type on it. Also, you can put  text box anywhere. It's like typing
on a high resolution picture of the document. Another thing that is great
is you can e-mail, print, or even open it another app. I've tried many
different apps and I've always been coming back to type on PDF free. Try it,
it's great!!!


Thursday, October 4, 2012

John Locke on Civil Rights Lesson

Today we are looking into the writings of John Locke.   He was very influential to many of America's Founding Fathers.

complete lesson here

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

13 Colonies with iMovie

Today some of our 13 colonies commercials were turned in.  I have them posted on our class youtube account.   Here are some of the best from today!

Monday, October 1, 2012

ImageChef App...students LOVE

Today @mathycathy shared ImageChef with me.   My students immediately downloaded the free app and ran while.   I can see so many ways to incorporate it into the commercial project.   I was talking to one of my Massachusetts groups.  You could use pictures of MA in the background, as title tiles, as transitions.   I also love how you can write on the pictures.  Check out my class twitter @fiskeclass or timekiwi to see how we used this app today!