Thursday, September 27, 2012

App Review of PDFprovider

I thought that the app PDF PROvider was great. I really liked how you could pick anywhere to type and you can change the font and also make the type bold. The thing I liked the most was that you could pick any color you wanted and typed in that color. I like the PDF PROvider better than other PDF apps because it is easier to work. I recommend getting this app if you are looking for an easy app to use for PDF pages.


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Visit us at time kiwi

 Hello All!

Time Wiki is a great tool for creating a class timeline.   It takes class tweets and turns them into a visual timeline of our activities in the classroom.   Please visit our site and then sign up to receive the RSS feeds, so you can stay up-to-date on what we are doing!

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Using teleprompter apps

We like this one the best right now  PromptWare Plus.

Stay tuned for more updates on our 13 Colonies Commercial Project!

We joined Scoop It!

Today we joined Scoop It.    It is a website that performs Google searches on topics that interest you and then puts them all in one place.  Our first topic was iPads in a middle school classroom.   You can see it HERE.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

App Review--TypeOnPDF

Type on PDF FREE
This app is so good for homework and writing necessities.
If you wanna do h.w, notes, or anything, this app has easy typing, you can use the marker tool to writeon it, and if u just wanna review over it, you can press the image tool.
As app poll researchers, we give this app a 4, So fetch!

Amy and Daniel


App Review-- DocAS

Doc AS Reader is a better than average app.

The best part of it is the easy layout of editing and the easy-going ability to use text edit. Unlike most pdf editing apps, Doc AS Reader provides an archiving tool where you can store all your edited pdfs, jpegs, and documents to various folders, allowing easier organization for your files.

Rating: 4 of 5 stars.


App Review--New Quizlet Mobile App

The NEW Quizlet app is great for studying for tests and quizzes, but many people think it should have more games to play like the website does.

The scatter game should be more like the website where you drag the answers on top of each other because right now it is more like a matching game. I also feel it should be able to test you on what you are learning! But overall I think it is a great app and really useful for education proposes!

We give it a four out of five stars!

-Addie and Marguerite

App Review--Flashcards*

I think that the ap Flash Cards* is a pretty ok flashcard app. I like that fact that you can import projects from Dropbox into it, and you can also download stuff from Quizlet. I think that it is pretty easy to use for the most part. You also have full access to your past flashcards if you need to review them.

I think I would rate this app a 4out of 5 or a get this app now rating!


iMovie for iPad and the 13 Colonies

Today we begin preparing to make commercials on the 13 Colonies.   Students will be in groups of four and use their iPads to make a short commercial about their colony.   I will assign each group one of the 13 colonies.   I found this site for creating storyboards of any configuration.

Check back to see how its going!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

App- myHomework Review

Very simple interface and is not hard to "Get used to" for people that are new to the app.
Easy to add Homework or any Assignment, Easy to set calendar up for test's/Quizzes,
Classes are Helpful for setting up Homework. 

Link Google Calendar to the App. "Make a shortcut," (GCal) or something along those lines.
Add color coding for Prioritizing your work. (Red-High, Orange-Medium, Low-Blue.)
Add Customizable Backgrounds and task bars.
Import Pictures of Assignments or Things that will help study.
If an assignment was not completed make the tab Either flash a color or just highlight a color until dismissed.
Instead of "Homework Description" Just add the class as the descriptions.


                                                                                          Is Not Complete.

Cool map of 13 colonies

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Explain Everything Wrap-up

Explain Everything Wrap-up

Due to sharing a cart on campus, I was delayed in getting in all my projects.  Yesterday, I allowed students to share their work with the class if they wished.   Many of them did, and it was great to see how they used the program to communicate a rather bland topic.

Here is an example:

Explain Everything on 5 Themes of Geography

When I use Explain Everything in the future I will require students to use animation and/or voice on each slide.   I will also make sure they export their final movie to Dropbox.   If you are able to do this sucessfully, you can then watch each presentation from your dropbox account on your iPad.   It makes it much easier to grade.

Thanks for visiting!