Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Causes of the American Revolution Ilustrated

Since we are trying to convert paper projects to iPad, today we experimented with several apps to illustrate the main causes of the American Revolution.

Among the list are:

Students used my class notes delivered to them via eBackpack, to complete the following three items

1.  Make a visual representation of the British Act.  Can be drawn or illustrated with pictures from the web.
2.  Write two originial sentences describing the act.
3.  Create a scale used to rank the colonial response to the act.  From happy to ready for war.   Make a key to explain your scale.

I suggested that students use some thing like this for their scale

I cannot wait to see what the kids dream up!

BTW, have you checked out the new transitions in the Keynote App......sooo fetch!


Here are some completed projects:

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